• "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"

    - Willy Wonka

  • Arenal Group (n):

    a set of company families and consultants that develop and market solutions for diverse industry requirements, focususing primarily in the telecommunications and entertainment spaces.

    Independent Movers and Shakers

    A unique business philosophy distinguishes Arenal Group. Each Arenal Group company operates autonomously under a common strategic umbrella within its company family. This decentralized approach maximizes the advantages inherent in smaller business units, such as flexibility, entrepreneurial spirit and management focus. A new company is established when a market opportunity is identified and requires a technology, marketing approach or corporate culture that does not exist in any of the other companies.

    Cooperation, Partnership, and Working Together

    Simultaneously, cooperation among the independent business entities and families is encouraged and involves sharing technology, services, market channels and market information. Start-up companies initially receive administrative and marketing assistance from Arenal Group. This lowers operating costs at the crucial early stages of operation. Employees of these start-ups, who often share in the profits and the critical decision-making process, are thereby highly motivated to ensure the success of the enterprise.

    Helping our Friends and Neighbors

    We recognize that we hold access to talent that is not easily replicatable within all organizations, so where our friends and neighbors need our help, our consulting team is ready to help. Our team has extensive expertise in several subject matter areas and we are happy to help local businesses and institutions with their unique challenges.

  • but what's Arenal?

    Arenal Volcano, in Spanish Volcán Arenal, is an active andesitic stratovolcano in north-western Costa Rica 


    Quite simply, Arenal Volcano a favorite destination of our founders. The rainforest and Arenal area, combined with the Costa Rican philisophy of "pura vida" or 'pure life' allows a simple relaxation as only a unique natural treasure can.