• Consulting

    enrich your operation or project with our special sauce

  • Practices and Industries

    Subject matter experts for your team, when you need them.

    Business Process & Applications

    assistance with business applications scoping, projects including server and hardware, data integration, and impact assessment.

    Internal Infrastructure

    building and campus design assistance for datacenter, server rooms, datacom, audio video, telephony, security/access control, video surveillance, wireless, and other low voltage integrated systems

    Wireless & RF

    tower siting, backhaul and coverage design, last mile wireless assistance, site design and implementation assistance

    Optical Design

    dark fiber, wave division multiplexing, permitting and ROW issues, design and implementation

    Carrier Networking

    mpls, ipv4, ipv6, carrier ethernet, ospf, bgp, procurement of voip, transport, and transit services for WAN, security and vpn.


    Permitting, regulatory, and contract management assistance in managing small to medium size video service providers, and/or adding multichannel video or OTT offerings to the service provider catalog.

  • Why Arenal Consulting?

    Simply, we think different.


    We are not a VAR (value added reseller) or system integrator - rather, we are an independent group that does not maintain referral or preference contracts with any manufacturer or vendor to you*. We work for you as our client and act as an extension of your staff for our set scope of work. We do NOT take kickbacks or other incentives from manufacturers or integrators. Our professionals will use our experiences from both sides of the table to help you get the best value for your project with the best outcome.

    Access to Industry Resources

    We have access to the entire breadth of Arenal Family Companies' workforce. When we need help with a topic we can source internally, we can find a subject-matter expert inside our family. Our team does sometimes recommend services by an Arenal Group Family Company where appropriate for the client's situation. Our ownership and partnership affiliations are clearly delinated in our client agreement and scope of work and our team is always up front about recommending an internal family company for a project. When an Arenal Family Company is on the table as a potential vendor, we will normally ask to not be part of the decision making (strictly advisory role) or create an alternate arrangement with our client so as to ensure the client's best interests are kept in the forefront.

    Consulting information is provided by Arenal Group Management, LLC dba Arenal Consulting Group. Arenal Group, LLC does not perform any consulting services.